We provide expert Construction Services for Polyhouses which are robustly designed with special modular structures for facilitating easy assembling and dismantling of our product range. These custom- tailored shades and houses provide maximum utilization of the landscape offering complete protection with suitable eco- friendly environment for the growth and enriching development of various crops under this defined process.

We all know that different geo locations having varying climates for growing crops would require distinct designs for your greenhouse structures. Hence in order to provide your plants with the right nurturing environment) for assuring their complete safeguard/ protection , we @ the feasibility stage of your project itself, commence our collective working with your team to configure the right greenhouse structure for achieving your targeted goals.
The results speak for themselves: yields in commercial greenhouse projects are increasing by up 8-10 times in comparison to open field growing. Growers can now produce crops all year round. Fresh local food is available for local markets. While resources like water and fertilizer use is being cut down by up to 40%.

Polyhouse Construction

Polyhouses are excellent greenhouse structures for nursery cultivation and the commercial production of vegetables and flowers across diverse climactic conditions. They’re particularly good in locations where it is extreme hot or cold and humid outside.
Our innovative polyhouses are tough and durable greenhouse structures. There’s a comprehensive array of polyethylene greenhouse structures available, and we’ll help you choose the best and most cost-effective solution to suit to the climatic conditions in which you’re looking to grow.
Polyhouses are fast and straightforward greenhouse structures to install and are designed to withstand high winds and high crop loads. Polyhouses can cover a small to large growing area. 

Net House Construction

If you need a greenhouse structure for growing in a moderate climate without diverse swings in temperature then the most profitable and cost-efficient solution might be a nethouse.
Nethouses are suitable greenhouse structures for the cultivation of various crops including vegetables, orchards and tree-crop nurseries.
Nethouses increase production efficiency and quality – by increasing the security of the crop and reducing water and pesticide use. They’re a cost-effective greenhouse structure for large areas and can deliver great value and returns.